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Last week Econsultancy published their usual round-up of digital marketing stats. For those of you too busy to read the full article, here's a handful of key takeaways for your business.

  1. UK consumers spent more via mobile last Christmas than the US or any other European nation.
    We're a mobile-friendly nation and this is a clear indicator that, if you haven't already made your business 100% accessible to mobile users, then 2017 is the year to get it done.
  2. Live chat on ecommerce websites can lead to increased levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty: 63% of live chat users said they are more likely to return to the site as a result.
    Live chat is now neither difficult nor expensive to implement. With solutions like GetSiteControl ( and AppSumo (, if you're prepared to roll your sleeves up and have a go, you only need 15 minutes of a developer's time for the techie side - and maybe not even that.
  3. Nearly two in five shoppers have used their phone to pay in-store.
    If you're in retail and, for some reason, haven't fully implemented a solution that accepts payments via mobile, you need to get a move on!
  4. Consumers see over half of brand content as 'clutter': 84% of respondents expect brands to produce content of some kind, 60% of it fails to deliver any personal benefit.
    For a long time now, I've added my voice (to anyone who will listen!) to those who talk about the importance of good content, even for smaller businesses. If you've still not been convinced, these statistics should make you sit up and pay attention. Not only is it more important than ever to be creating content for your website visitors, but there is clearly a huge competitive opportunity if you can produce content that really matters.  

In a nutshell:

  • Produce unique content that actually provides value
  • Make sure that people can consume your content comfortably and easily on mobile (or any device for that matter)
  • If you're in ecommerce and retail, keep your eye on the ball and look to implement solutions like live chat and mobile payment
Feb 6, 2017 By Patrick Nelson

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