Actionable Tactics You Need To Use

Here is our growing library of the best actionable marketing hacks that you can apply in your business. Apply them and transform your marketing results with more traffic, more prospects and more clients.

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The Hacks

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Test Your Value Propositions

Find out why people buy from you by testing your value propositions. For many, it may not be what you think especially if there are multiple reasons to buy or use your product or service.



Use odd numbers in your headlines

People are 36% more likely to click through to an article that has a headline with numbers. And, in a study of 150,000 headlines, it was discovered that those that used odd numbers out-performed...


Develop a strategy to drive traffic - and stick to it!

So many businesses have a website but fail to let people know it exists. Or they try and let people know it exists but their marketing consists of scattergun approaches, hit-and-miss, hot and cold...


Use a bold background in your adverts

A bold colour in the background of your advert will make it stand out from everything else on the page where it is served. More people will see it as their eyes are drawn to it and the performance...


Try an alternative to "exit intent" popups

More and more websites are using "exit intent" popups. These are designed to pop up on our screens if we take an action that looks like we're about to leave the website such as moving our mouse up...


Establish the current position of your business using a SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis will help you get a clear picture of where your business is today. As Keshavan Nair said "Tackling the right problem is the essence of successful action". A SWOT analysis will help...


Take advantage of fallen competitors

Monitor your competitors. If one goes out of business or changes their name and thus their website domain, you can gain backlinks to your website quickly and easily.

Scan the Internet for...


Use bought database lists wisely

You can still buy lists of prospects from list brokers which can give you a variety of ways to contact those prospects including social media, email, telephone and good old fashioned direct mail...


How to make cold email prospecting really work

Cold email prospecting is difficult, rarely works and can get you into problems. It is never the first strategy that we recommend for driving traffic or for prospecting.

However, if you...


Put your CTA forms in the right place

Every page of your website should have a clear Call-To-Action (CTA). One of the most common CTAs is to complete a form. There are many things to think about when it comes to where and how you use...


Consider writing long form adverts

Most adverts are written short form. That is, they only use a small amount of words. Most of the time this is unavoidable - for example, Google Adwords but sometimes it's worth writing long form (...


Understand what conversions and conversion rates are

Marketers who work in the digital, or online world talk a lot about conversions. What do they mean?

Whenever someone takes an action on your website that you want them to...