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What is a Call-To-Action?

A Call-To-Action, often abbreviated to CTA is anything that compels your visitors to do something - to take action. It is literally a "call to action".

What actions are we talking about...


How to make cold email prospecting really work

Cold email prospecting is difficult, rarely works and can get you into problems. It is never the first strategy that we recommend for driving traffic or for prospecting.

However, if you...


Use a headline tester before publishing

The headlines of your blog posts, articles and pages are one of the most essential elements for attracting traffic. Whether it's in the Google rankings, social media feeds or your own blog roll,...


Choose the right images for your landing pages

Improve how well your landing pages convert by using a suitable image at the top of each page.

Select an image that supports the purpose of your page and draws peoples' eyes to your Call-...


Use Gmail Ads to target your competitors' email lists

Part of Google Adwords, Gmail Ads lets you display ads in the inboxes of Gmail users. Remember that there are more than 1 billion people using Gmail and this is made up of everyone from individual...


Consider writing long form adverts

Most adverts are written short form. That is, they only use a small amount of words. Most of the time this is unavoidable - for example, Google Adwords but sometimes it's worth writing long form (...


Convert more visitors to prospects with a Hello Bar

A Hello Bar sits at the top of the pages of your website and can be used to get more email subscribers, promote your content, grow your following or test messages with your website visitors. Hello...


Check your website's backlink profile regularly

One of the most important factors that determine how well (or badly) your website will rank in Google is which other websites link to yours.

The simplest way of looking at this is to say...


Understand what conversions and conversion rates are

Marketers who work in the digital, or online world talk a lot about conversions. What do they mean?

Whenever someone takes an action on your website that you want them to...


Tell the customer's story, not your story

Story-telling, whilst obviously not a new concept is an idea that's really gained a lot of popularity during 2016 and is likely to continue to do so. Amongst the many benefits are that you can let...


Make sure your website speaks your customers' language

You'll get far more conversions from your website if the language you use to describe your products and services resonates with your customers. If you explain the benefits of what you do and talk...


Save money on your Google AdWords call extensions

If you use Google Adwords to drive traffic, you've probably heard of Ad Extensions. They are snippets that you can add to your adverts that will improve the likelihood of people clicking through...