We cannot help everyone...

Although my colleagues and I have helped a lot of businesses across multiple industries, we have learnt over the years that we cannot help everyone. For a start, we only ever work with a limited number of clients at a time. This way, we maintain the high quality of our work and the care and attention we can pay to each client's success.

So we've found that we do our best work when a specific set of circumstances exist. These include:

Ethical, respected industries

We will not work with companies that operate in any of the following industries:

  • Multi-Level (or Network) Marketing
  • Adult entertainment and pornography
  • Gambling
  • Payday loans

No exceptions, sorry.

C-level commitment

Getting the best results sometimes means making changes. This is always easiest when we work directly with the owners of the business or a C-level executive or director at board-run companies. This is why we insist that we have buy-in at the most senior decision-making level.

Successful track record

We work best with companies that have already achieved some degree of success and are at least profitable. As a result, we no longer work directly with start-up companies although, if this is you, we can recommend some great marketers who do.

Able to invest

We aim to provide significant value to your business in increased market share and more revenue. We believe that the work we do is of the utmost valuable and we will only work with people who recognise it as such and are willing to invest appropriately.

For your peace of mind, we also only take on clients where we know we can produce a return on the investment you make in us many times over. If I am not personally 100% convinced that we will be profitable for you, I will tell you.

Able to give us autonomy

Our clients respect the work we do and let us get on with doing what we're good at. We won't get involved in projects that are structured around too many unnecessary meetings, exchanges or conversations because these prevent us from being efficient and providing the end results required. You must be prepared to let us do what you are paying us to do and you will get the results you want.

In any event, we provide regular reports and updates as well as a monthly meeting if required.

Prepared to change

There are always changes that need to be made. Often these will centre around your website but can also include emails and other forms of online communication. You must be prepared and able to make changes to your website (or allow us to) in order for us to get the results you want.

Still want to work with us?

Those are our criteria, If you are happy with those and would like to discuss working with us, then I would be delighted to hear from you. Click the 'Get in Touch' button to the right of the screen.